Gal-ves-ton, OH! Galveston

We got to Galveston TX at about noon today.  It was a short drive from Beaumont but we took a back road and put Benny on a ferry for a 3 mile ride across the bay to the east end of Galveston Island.  Surprisingly, Benny did not get seasick and we arrived on the Island just fine (after dodging a couple of commercial freighters headed to the port).

We are staying right on the beach in an RV park that used to be a beach side hotel called the Sandpiper.  But Hurricane Ike took the place down, and rather than build another hotel, the property owners decided that an RV park might be a better option.  The place has been nice, we took a long walk on the beach and a long bike ride down the sea wall just before sunset.  Then, once it started to get dark, lots of big black mosquitoes started to appear everywhere.  So, we are hunkered down in Benny for the night, swatting the bugs that got in while I was going in and out when grilling dinner.

We did get down to the visitor center and found out that there are lots of things in Galveston to keep us occupied here for a while.  We are planning some bike rides, at least one round of golf on the local Moody’s course and tours of several interesting homes and museums.

Hold on for a moment, seems like the RV is rockin – Yikes! I think the mosquitoes are picking us up and hauling the whole vehicle off to the swamp for dinner…..  This may be my last on…. this blog as the blood is SUCKED out of me……

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